Vincent’s Haven (An Ekphrastic Poem of Van Gogh’s “Pavement Cafe at Midnight”)

The somber night sky,
reflected in the deep,
navy pavement. Bright,
yellow walls beckon outward
from the protective shade of
a vintage awning.
A lamplight’s glow encompasses
a sanctuary in ember starlight;
A welcoming beacon
to a wayfaring soul,
who often speaks of beauty
while others cast their eyes in
the opposite direction.

Countenances of strangers gather
among scents of amaretto and cigars,
Clinking glasses and indistinct
conversations fill the silence of the night.
The echoes of forgotten solitude
ascend to the heavens
where the hushed, yet vivacious joy
is reflected in the
eyes of the stars.


2 thoughts on “Vincent’s Haven (An Ekphrastic Poem of Van Gogh’s “Pavement Cafe at Midnight”)

  1. Hi there,
    You asked for feedback on the community pool but I will say first that everyone has different opinions on poetry so someone else might completely disagree with me. I did prefer the second half to the first, but I still felt you weren’t giving a reader anything more than a rather generic image. I could find anything of you in the piece, which is fine for a purely observational poem, but not really my cup of tea.
    Your line breaks also threw me off a bit. The point of a line break is to add emphasis, and I could work out why you were adding such emphasis where you were, especially in the last two lines. I didn’t feel it really added anything more to the poem.
    I apologise if this all sounds very negative. However, I do think that this poem would benefit from you developing it and trying to add something more of yourself to it. If that makes any sense. Who is the wayfaring stranger? Is the narrator part of the gathering or looking in from the outside? What do you want a reader to take away from the piece?
    I hope that somewhere in this comment you will find at least a small chunk of usefulness. As far as poetry on WordPress goes you are most certainly not one of the worst poets by a long shot, indeed I read the entire poem and with far too much poetry online I normally give up after line three. I suppose I’m something of a poetry snob.

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